Independent Living Advocacy
promoting the empowerment of disabled people

Independent Living Advocacy Independent Living Advocacy Independent Living Advocacy Independent Living Advocacy


ILA promotes the empowerment of disabled people.

Empowerment is the process of supporting disabled people to take control for themselves.

Advocacy is speaking up for yourself or another person to secure rights, meet needs or support people to make informed choices.

Advocacy makes sure a person's voice is heard, that their needs are met and they get the services they want and need, that they know their rights and have information to make informed choices.    

ILA works within the Social Model of Disability and independent living principles. The Social Model of Disability is a model developed by disabled people themselves. The model looks at disability in terms of the barriers in society which stop disabled people from participating in society on equal terms with non-disabled people. Because we work within this model our service is open to any disabled person no matter what their impairment.

Our service is available free of charge to Service Users throughout Essex (excluding the unitary authorities of Southend on Sea and Thurrock).

Advocacy can be provided in other areas, but a charge  will be made for the Service  and is dependent upon Advocates being available to provide the Service.

We provide specialist services in connection with Personalization.

We assist people to employ their own Personal Assistants to help them live an Independent Life.

We support Clients in all aspects of becoming an Employer, with guidance through employment law, assistance with safely recruiting a Personal Assistant,  preparing contracts of Employment and assisting clients in resolving issues that may occur.

For those Clients that wish to enroll (Free of charge), we provide an on line discussion forum were members are able to exchange experiences and ask questions of one another.

To obtain our services for a client/friend/refer yourself you will need to create a referral on either of the websites below:

-  -  for a Cash Payment issue (click on 'ILA Referral' on the left-hand side)

-   -  for formal issues

If you would prefer to discuss the issue prior to referring the client you can speak to 'Duty' on the telephone number listed below between the hours of 0900-1300.

Unfortunately, we do have a waiting list - the referrals are dealt with in order of priority so please give us as much information on the referral as possible.

If we feel we are unable to assist you/the client, we will endeavour to signpost you to an organisation who would be able to assist.

We also provide a service covering all aspects of independent living and further information can be found in our members area.

MAIN OFFICE NUMBER - 01376 534980 :